On Monday 11th December 2017 we had a trip to Growing Paper, a small company situated on a farm in Malmesbury. They specialise in making Christmas cards, greeting cards, business cards, bookmarks, envelopes and so much more from recycled paper. They have a unique method of adding seeds to the paper which then grows into a flower or herb after the paper is planted.

We took the children from our aftercare on this trip to Growing Paper, the children was very excited and when we came there a kind lady named Nileta took the children on a tour to show them how the paper is being recycled, made into a pulp, hanged to dry and then designed for the end result. They also made their hands dirty and made paper on their own.

Afterwards our children had to design their own Christmas cards which they could give to their parents and/or grandparents. The day was filled with lots of fun and activities. The children really enjoyed the trip and for most of them it was a first ever trip.

We would like to thank Quantum Foods for providing us with the transportation and Growing Paper for hosting us as guests for the day. Thank you from the Hilltop team.